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The Cric Coin operates on the Tron Chain Network and is the core currency used within the Cric Coin hub allowing users to bid, buy and bet across the entire sports ecosystem with secure transactions and low fees. Cric Coins strong tokenomics includes a very low supply of 1 Billion tokens, a large staking pool and even tokens set aside for special community.
The Cric Coin provide fans with exclusive access to sports content, a closer association with the team or club concerned and also monetary rewards. The cric coin are a form of cryptocurrency. But as opposed to virtual currencies, Cric Coin require making use of blockchain technology from Tron Chain which is well known worldwide.


Get your own Metaverse with Cric Coin to Create Avatar, access Marketplace, assess Map, and use Creator Tools. Cric Coin utility-based software is the most trusted application to Play, Build, Own, and Monetize your virtual experience. Gamers can enjoy while building their own Land and Play Games.


The Cric Coin are digital assets that enable sports teams, leagues, clubs, associations and players to strengthen fan engagement. It is especially helpful to promote global sports, Cric Coin will launch sports academic globaly like cricket academy, football academy and each every sports Cric Coin group will supports them.


Our Cric Coin is heaven for Gamers as they can access and play any 3D games, create various assets online, and earn Cric Coin while playing. Unleash your Gamer within to get 100% satisfaction of playing.

Build Characters that Win, practically Create your Imagination, and meet Players online.

Cric Coin NFT's

The Cric Coin will launch Sports NFTs of football players, cricket players and all kind of sports players related NFTs.

Cric Coin Reach in 36 Months

Cric Coin will launch this year end in Dubai Burj Khalifa,s Armani Hotel, Guest are all VVIPs across the world, some cricket industry and some of VVIPs guest are from other industry.

We will bring cricket celebrity player as brand ambassador for Cric Coin endorsement, Indian Player and One International Player.


Unlock a trillion-dollar Ecommerce & Gaming industry.

Be one of the first to buy CRIC and earn rewards as the network grows.

Create equal access to the Community.

By using CRIC to make commitment deposits, buyers and sellers
may reduce their network fees for cordination of transactions.
This locks up CRIC and reduces circulating supply.

Distribute ownership of our network.

Secure the network so it remains sustainable for generations to come.

What you can do with CRIC:

Our network runs on TRX processed on the blockchain, which means you can use it to:

Secure the network by staking
or delegating.
Easily transfer peer-to-peer
or pay online.
It Covers Gaming
& OTT Platform.

Max Supply1,000,000,000

Supply distribution breakdown

Pre-stake the first and earn extra rewards.

Earn CRIC for being one of the first to secure the network and kickstart the ecommerce stack and developing a library of
developers tools and number of reference
applications including a decentralized market
place for CRIC and a p2p reference application
for real world redemption.

How to buy

Create your own wallet.
Verify your account with your KYC for safety & security.
Buy CRIC with crypto: TRX/USDT
Receive Coins in your TRX wallet.
Hold or stake your CRIC for extra rewards.

Team and advisors behind CRIC.

Our core 16 - person team has worked together for over a decade, raising hundreds of millions of dollars in VC, while building and exiting multiple 8 and 9 figure businesses in the different sectors.
Earn Rewards

Investing in a better future for everyone with CRIC.

The Cric Coin is the core economic unit of the Legendary Sports ecosystem. Growth in the value of the Coin is driven by establishing an economic flywheel, following the Web3 sustainability loop as first implemented by Ocean protocol.
Build The Future

News Gallery

Sport Technology

Cric Coin Announces Strategic Partnership

In a groundbreaking move for the sports and cryptocurrency industries, Cric Coin has announced a strategic partnership with a major global sports league.

Innovative Sports

Cric Coin Unveils Innovative Sports

Leveraging blockchain technology, the dApp offers tamper-proof betting options, transparent odds, and automated smart contract settlements.

Sponsorship Program

Cric Coin Athlete Sponsorship Program

Cric Coin's innovative athlete sponsorship program has gained remarkable traction, attracting both emerging talents and established stars in the sports world.

Match Result

Criccoin Co sponsoring to world famous Northern warriors team T10 cricket league Abu Dhabi


Match Video

Frequently asked questions.

Q: How much CRIC is required to stake ?

A: You can stake your 100% Coins into the pre-stake mode to earn upto extra rewards.

Q: When will I receive my CRIC?

A: After you’ve created your wallet, you’ll need to supply a destination TRX address for the CRIC.

Q: What do I do if I miss my spot?

A: You’ll automatically get re-queued as long as there are Coins from the public sale still available. Check your wallet to see your spot in the queue.

Q: What is the conversion rate?

A: The conversion rate is calculated as per the current rate of USDT (TRC20).

Q: What is the minimum amount I can buy?

A: The minimum amount of CRICs you can buy is 1 CRIC (Pre-sale Criteria is different).

Q: Which countries can participate?

A: Every country around the world. .

Q: What are the Coin metrics?

A: Total supply: 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion)
Type: Native Coin on the TRON blockchain
Decimal Point: 6
Nickname: CRIC

Q: How do I buy CRIC?

A: Here’s how it works:

  • Get notified when CRIC opens.
  • Enter the queue to buy Coins with TRX. You’ll need a TRX address to receive Coins.
  • Get notified when it’s your turn to buy.
  • Make your purchase 24x7.
  • Receive a purchase notification instantly into your wallet.

Q: What is “the Wallet”?

A: The Wallet is a secure, encrypted home for your personal information including email, identity, deposits, and the destination address for your CRIC. All wallet information is encrypted and stored by you (we don’t store your wallet information).

Q: What do I need to participate?

A: You must use TRON Link Wallet/Trust Wallel or any TRX wallet that supports to be able to receive CRICs instantly.

Q: When will I receive my CRICs?

A: You will receive your CRICs instantly.

Q: When will the mainnet be launched?

A: The CRIC are TRX native Coins and therefore benefit from being immediately active on the TRON network.

Q: Which wallets are supported for receipt of CRICs?

A: You must use TRON LINK Wallet/Trust Wallet or any TRX wallet that supports native Coins. We do not support TRX addresses from exchanges.

Q: Is there a limit to how much I can buy?

A: Yes there is limit in Pre-sale but afterwards there is no restriction.


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“Combining the Accessibility and Flexibility of the Crypto with the World of Sports.”